This function calculates the ratios and resulting counting statistics error from the raw ion counts. It can be applied to data from both LANS_summary and LANS_maps loading but can be slow if LANS_maps is combined from many analyses. It can also be applied to ion_sums generate by calculate_sums to calculate elemental ratios (careful, ionization efficiencies skew their scaling!)

calculate_ratios(data, ..., name_fun = default_name, quiet = FALSE)



a data frame with raw ion counts retrieved from load_LANS_summary


the ratios to calculate, each entry is one ratio with major isotope first, then minor isotope, e.g. c(`13C`, `12C`), c(`15N12C`, `14C12C`), ...


the naming function, receives ... from the top level, default concatenates column names with '/'


whether the function should output information messages or be quiet (default is to output)


the original data frame with the ratio information appended (all ratios have data_type == "ratio")

See also

Other calculations: calculate_abundances(), calculate_sums(), calculate()