This function calculates the isotope abundances (in statistics error from the raw ion counts. It can be applied to data from both LANS_summary and LANS_maps loading but can be slow if LANS_maps is combined from many analyses.

calculate_abundances(data, ..., name_fun = default_name, quiet = FALSE)



a data frame with raw ion counts retrieved from load_LANS_summary


the fractional abundances to calculate, each entry is for one fractional abundance with major isotope first, then minor isotope, e.g. c(`13C`, `12C`), c(`15N12C`, `14C12C`), ...


the naming function, receives ... from the top level, default concatenates 'F' + minor ion name


whether the function should output information messages or be quiet (default is to output)


the original data frame with the fractional abundance information appended (all fractional abundances are in

See also

Other calculations: calculate_ratios(), calculate_sums(), calculate()