Reads the full matlab data files (.mat) that contain the complete ion maps and ROI outlines for the given LANS analysis folder and returns the data in a concatenated data frame with identifier column 'variable' (=ion), data columns value (ion count) and sigma (error based on counting statistics). Additionally, the column 'ROI' indicates which ROI each pixel belongs to with a value of 0 indicating that it does not belong to any ROI. Note that this only reads ion data files by default and not any derived data files (any ratio or other formulas evaluated by LANS). It does also not currently support z-stacks yet.

read_map_data(mat_folder, ion_data_only = TRUE, quiet = FALSE)



- the LANS mat directory with the ions' .mat files


- by default TRUE, i.e. ignores all non-ion data files


- whether to report information on the loaded data or not


concatenated data_frame with the full ion maps data